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Childbirth Education
& Preparation

Understanding the processes of pregnancy and birth is what allows us to make informed decisions along the way- knowledge is power! In these bespoke childbirth education sessions I work with you 1:1 or with your partner/support person to address your individual learning needs. Sessions are structured based on your prior knowledge and identified priorities.

Topics may include (but are not limited to):

  • Maternity models of care and choice of birthplace

  • Available tests, scans and procedures in pregnancy

  • Birth preparation- optimal fetal and maternal positioning, perineal massage

  • Physiological birth- the role of hormones and supporting natural processes

  • Comfort measures- pharmacological and non-pharmacological

  • Positions for labour and birth

  • The role of support people- how can you help?

  • When plans change- induction, instrumental birth, cesarean birth, special care

  • Options for birthing your placenta, delayed cord clamping

  • Perineal tears and repairs

  • The Golden Hour (the first hour after birth)

  • Skin to skin and the first breastfeed

  • Neonatal immunisations and other procedures

  • Breastfeeding support and resources

  • Developing a postnatal plan- visitors, length of stay, follow-up care

  • Baby care- feeding, bathing, nappies, sleep and settling

  • Looking after yourself!

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