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About Me

Hi, I'm Sarah, a perinatal mental health nurse and a registered midwife.  I began my career as a mental health nurse in 2005, and have worked across many areas of mental health care including adult in-patient units, drug and alcohol services, community mental health programs, secure forensic in-patient facilities, long-term psychosocial rehabilitation programs and in parent-infant settings.  


I returned to study in 2015 to complete a midwifery degree, and went on to work as a Registered Midwife in a large tertiary women's hospital, across all areas of maternity care.  I now continue to work casually in the maternity system, whilst also working part-time as a perinatal and infant mental health clinician in another tertiary health service. ​

With a keen awareness of the gaps that exist within both maternity care and perinatal and infant mental health services, I am passionate about providing gold-standard childbirth education (including hypnobirthing), and caring and compassionate perinatal counselling services, including birth debriefing and birth trauma counselling.

I am inspired to hold space for families through their transition to parenthood in a way that sees them feeling heard, supported and confident, so that they can move into parenting feeling as though they are thriving, not just surviving.

  • Birth Debriefing

  • Birth Trauma Counselling

  • Perinatal Counselling 

  • Anxiety 

  • Depression

  • Grief, Loss, or Bereavement

  • Transition Difficulties

  • Relationship Difficulties

  • Difficulties with Bonding-Attachment

  • Pregnancy Education and Support

  • Labour and Birth Education

  • Birth Planning Support

  • VBAC Education and Planning

  • Postpartum Education and Support

  • Early Parenting Education and Support

  • Other Issues 

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